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Seiko Qaliber RP-E Series Printer

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Industry-leading printing performance, up to 1.15 feet per second
Smallest footprint available to free up space
Standard and front-access control options for more flexibility
Minimum 93 miles of printing and 2 million cuts
Over-sized LED for improved usability



Advanced new RP-E series printers raise the bar for single station thermal receipt peripherals. These units offer industry-leading performance in the smallest available footprint, with an innovative cube form factor, designed to simplify integration and improve reliability.

Fast Receipt Printer for a Better Customer Experience, More Revenue
RP-E series printers generate receipts at a record 1.15 feet per second (350 mm per second). With this industry-leading performance, you can elevate customers’ perceptions of the buying experience by accelerating transactions. Or, you can add coupons or loyalty program information, to create incremental revenue opportunities, without slowing down.

Free up Valuable Space
Real estate at the point-of-sale is at a premium in retail and hospitality applications. Unnecessarily bulky hardware is no longer an option. With an innovative cube design, RP-E printers offer the smallest footprint available (5.08-inch cube), while still supporting standard-sized POS receipt paper rolls.

Get More Flexibility
Seiko printers are available in standard and front-access control configurations. This added flexibility enables users to slide a printer under the counter when needed. Whether you use the standard models, front-access control units, or a combination of the two, you still enjoy the benefits of buying a single printer; this means using only one driver, one simple configuration process, and one price.

Improve Reliability, Ease of Use
With a minimum printing service life of 93 miles and a heavy duty auto-cutter rated for 2 million cuts, Seiko printers deliver the outstanding reliability needed for high-volume POS printing applications. Rely on Seiko printers to boost peripheral reliability, and immediately increase the return on your IT investment.

Seiko receipt printers also provide a host of tools designed to maximize ease of use in the field. A unique, over-sized, multi-color LED provides immediate notification of printer status. And, a robust, intuitive, utility software suite is included to simplify the configuration process for all your receipt printing needs.


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